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Train 4800 Locos Uncouple After Running Round At Arnhem-berg


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Train 4800 arrives at Arnhem-berg from Elst.

Locos run round train and recouple to go forward to Wolfheze as train 4800, but then it tries to repeat its movement orders and the locos uncouple again.

I worked around this by recoupling the locos but renumbering the forward train to 4800A.

At the same time train 66002 locos ran round their train and went forward as 66002 without uncoupling locos again.



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That is an old bug with was solved for train 535.

However this solution in Post T Arnhem does not work for train 4800.

In later simulations there is a different solution build in in the database.

An extra field "DoNotTakeMOOnRenumber" has been added to the Timetable.

Arnhem has never been changed in the same way.

Using a different trainnumber 4800A is a possible solution.

Kind Regards,


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It happened with one or two other trains also Leo, I think 4029 was one but I'm not sure. Thankfully it didn't happen with 4076, because if I'd had to modify its number Arnhem G would not have recognised it when I offered it to them. That said, if I did have to renumber it I could have moved the train away from Arnhem-berg and then renumber it back to its original number for Arnhem G to accept it.

Kind regards,


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