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Possible bug?


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Hello! I started a new simulation earlier today. I set the date and time to 26.11.14 9:57.

I sat everything on Occurrences to 0%, and Operational Irregularities to around 40%.

Here I sat Locomotive Partial Power loss to 15, Locmomotive Full Power Loss to 7, and everything else to 5-6.

I sat Infrastructure Irregularities to around 40%, and everything to 5.

I started the simulation 9:57 in the morning.

Around 10:28 a train calls me telling me he lost catenary power, or that there were no juice on the catenary. I answered him calmly: "Train x stopped on track y due to missing power on the catenary. Please be patient. Power will return as soon as possible. Proceed when power returns."

I thought it would take a few minutes before it went back to normal. More and more trains started reporting electric failure.

Both trains coming from Mannheim and trains coming from Walldorf reportes these problem.

The problems started at around 10:28. Now the time is 11:02, and nothing have happened yet. What's wrong? How do I fix this failure? Do I have to fix it manually? Do I have to call someone to fix it? Or is it a bug?

I really hope someone here can answer me.

Thank you.

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You have to look for your settings. There should be a point where you can choose somethink like 'manual operating overhead live wires' (i have just got the german version, sorry) which you can find in the expert settings.

There should not be a cross in it, when there is one click on it so it will disapear.

I hope i could help you.

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Thank you very much!

I went into the expert settings, and manual operation was activated. I removed the cross now. I will start a new game to see if the problem is solved now. Thank you! :)

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