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Part of route from W191 stays in


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If I have a train signalled from Platform 5 towards Oberbarmen the section of route from W191 occasionally stays in.

This occurs if I set a route from W97 before the first train has passed W191.

The only way I can then find to get the route to drop is to re-set the full route and then cancel it.

While I appreciate I can avoid this situation by waiting to set the second route I don't think the Interlocking is working correctly.

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Without having the layout details in front of me:

It can happen in "some versions" before Fulda release, that a part of an overlap route, especially a straight single piece of track could "hang", if the overlap was taken over by a new route over the track. It then "occassionally" happens.

And that's what made it hard to find. But i found it....:-)

I did an attempt for an update of KWO last week, but it failed due to a graphic issue at the flyover of the s-bahn. Have to find a solution for that first.

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