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Limit of Shunt


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I've placed this here as it is a question which Remagen prompted.

In the UK we have Limit of Shunt boards and in some cases now what look like Subsidiary/Shunt signals which are Fixed at Danger. These are used when Shunt Moves are signalled in the wrong direction and are normally placed before a shunt move would encroach on the overlap of the protecting signal (i.e. tell the driver where he must not proceed past during a shunt move).

Does something similar exist in Germany?

In my example of Remagen I am thinking of a shunt move from 004 to 041. How or what prevents the driver from occupying the overlap for F954 as the simulation appears to allow trains to approach this Signal when the example shunt move is underway.

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yes, theres a sign called Ra 10: "Halt für Rangierfahrten" (in english stop for shunting trains). It has about the same meaning as you equivialent in UK and is normaly set up to protect the overlap of the entry signal on the normal (right) track (and in Remagen there should be an Ra 10 between 041 and 954, but not behind the entry signal of 953 as it's the signal on the left track).



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