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Restored Faults not Recognised by Technician Office


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I've noticed in Fulda that I get a phone call from the Technician who has been sent to the site to advise me the fault has been rectified.

If I then make a subsequent call to log a new fault I see an option to advise the Technicians Office that the fault has been rectified and the call out can be cancelled.

Surely the Technician will report into his own office.

Is this a bug or is the simulation working as intended?

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Let me think.... I remember we made it as follows:

You report an fault,

Mr A is send out (note his name)

Takes a while to get there,

He calls in to repair,

You agree,

He calls in again to tell it's working again.

You can work again.

When he calls in, he has fiddled with the values for repair.

Before he's on site you can recall him, hence the extra button.

In the pro version there is a limited supply of technicians.... :-)

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Thanks for response.

I agree with your sequence of events for other simulations.

However, on Fulda I am noticing the extra button (as you refer to it) to cancel the requirement for a repair is staying in place even though the Technician has called in to advise the repair has been completed.

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