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24845 and RAbt24860 Do Not Couple on Gl.38


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I have read in the German area of the forum that others have had this problem but the translation to English does not make it clear what steps to take to resolve this.


I ran 24845 into Gl.38 where it reverses direction then becomes an unstaffed train. Rabt24860 goes into Gl.38 but does not couple. I also notice the movement order says to couple and then go <--24860. That direction is to the buffer stop, not towards Mabnerzell. 

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The vehicle type of RAbt 24860 and train 24845 ist LINT 41. For this vehicle type a wrong number (9) for the coupler type was used in older timetables of Fulda. But this was changed already to "0".

So, if you play with the implemented timetable the coupling should take place. If you use an external timetable be sure that it is dated not before 2016.
I've just looked it up and found out that the coupling direction is still wrong. But after coupling the train should change the direction automatically. If not, call the driver.


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Hi Helmut,


Thank you for replying.


I am not using the timetable originally supplied with the sim. I am using a timetable advertised as additional documentation by the sim during sim startup and is dated dated 28/05/2015. Where do I get a timetable dated 2016 or later?


On this occasion, because the units would not couple, I shunted RAbt24860 to Gl.36 and renumbered 24845 to 24860.








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I have some timetables where I've made some changes myself. They are dated 2016. The last official one I have is the same you are using. But that one is not up to date.

So, disable the option for using an external timetable and use the implemented one. Then the trains should couple.

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The latest timetable I have is 160415_0948_Fulda_timetable, dated 15/04/2016.


I just checked it by letting the sim redownload timetable data.....

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That's right. I found it, too. And this timetable is already implemented in the sim.

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