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the same question


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Good morning at all- As a customer i ask a question

Where are the announced updates for this simulations. ? Months are passed without anything.



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Good Evening.


it is a big period that no update are made on this recent simulation.

is there the possibility to see solved this 2 aspect :


indication F860 (860II) for block free (it always remain occupied) for trains from GeilenKirchen on track 9004-9002-860 (Signal entrance F860)


track representation on screen near switch 066 and switch 096   (now track on screen is interrupt)


it seems that resources are involved always in new simulations and when a simulation is at disposal the activity on bugs reported ends  .

There is a bug reported from me 3 years ago (trains at Remagen without stops at plaform on track 5 when signal towards Oberqnter is open in advance) . This is without any reply.


Thanks for consideration abut this message and please, apologize if it seem for me frustrating to repeat this thread







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Hi Diego,


I too do share the feeling that necessary updates are rather delayed by the development of new simulations and the day-to-day business of the Chief in Development and Operation.


The track representation you've mentioned I would with some risk claim as to be original. There are certain (very few) track layouts the SIEMENS bricks cannot represent 100% correctly. In real life, probably one of the signalmen would have had mercy and took a black marker to fix this gap, but ...


Much more necessary are indeed the bugs in the backlog of the current simulations. For Remagen / The Rhine Valley timetable one is desperately awaiting the inclusion of more tracks for shunting operations and the fix of some quite irritating bugs on the NStP.


I hope this helps to take some steam out of the kettle,



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thanks for the reply.


track representation, i agree, is not a problem. Very different i think others reported bugs, especially when time is 2 years ago. If this can change this way to work i agree to pay a Subscription fee for every simulation (annual for example) if this can help to have a more regular update wotking activity on old simulations. To be forgotten as now happens i think is not a good thing.



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