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I looked for support page not sure if this page is the correct one. If not could you please advise.


After a windows up date it cause a blue screen (kiss of death) This resulted in looosing a number of programes inc Signalsoft.

On reinstalling I received the licence keys, I clickied on the browes to locate the key but nothing happens, what have I done wrong.


Lastly I saved the keys on other drives leaving the orignal on outlook. Looking through drives they are all there but when using Signalsoft licence page they are not.

Can anyone help.

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What do you mean with "nothing happens"? Does the file open dialog show up? I think you mean that it shows up but does not show a file.


I'm not sure but I remember this way: In the bottom left corner there is a filter in the file open dialog. You can set this filter to KEY-Files and to ZIP-Files. The default value ist KEY-Files but this does not make sense because you can't unpack the KEY file manually. So you have to select the ZIP filter manually.


(The drag and drop strategy does not work any more due to advanced security systems since Windows 7.)

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