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Auto Fleeting


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Is this always quick enough to keep Drivers on Greens or would the Dispatchers occasionally set routes early to avoid any Yellows?

I was thinking of the Level Crossing at Abzw Dellwig on Tracks 677/676 as an example.

On an aside is this crossing supervised by Oberhausen Hbf?

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In this situation it is quick enough when auto fleeting is enabled.

Auto fleeting is optimized for the maximum velocity which can be driven on the track eg. its allowed to drive at 160km/h so level crossing will close at a time that a train which drives 160 km/h won't see any yellow lights. When a freight train arrives at 100km/h level crossing will also close at the same time so it will stay closed a bit longer.

The crossing at Abzw. Dellwig is supervised by Oberhausen Hbf yes.

The level crossing will get an impulse from the signal (auto fleeting) and will close. When it is closed Oberhausen Hbf has to look on his screen to see if there aren't any cars or persons between the barriers - if its okay he will clear the crossing by pressing BÜFT and the "Bahnübergangstaste - BÜT" and the signal which protects the crossing will show a clear aspect.

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