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Trains Not Stabling On Gl.402


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I am having problems with trains which are to stable on Gl.402, specifically RabtV200#1 and RabtV290#4. I route them towards Gl.402 and they go behind Sperrsig 402I, but then they stop without actually stabling, preventing me from sending any other trains that way. I had to stable RabtV200#1 on Gl.349 and RabtV294#4 on Gl.350.

The odd thing is that the next train I sent to Gl.402, Rabt55280 has stabled correctly and disappeared from the Train Overview window.

Have any other users had similar issues?



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Hi Phil,

Track 402 is a so called "Bermuda" track. All trains going there will not stable, only the movement order shows this. The trains you send there will stop at the end of the track and stand there for about 5 to 7 minutes. Then they disappear.

This is an option in the simulation used for tracks that lead to other tracks (not shown on the panel) but have no neighbour dispatcher. In reality the train moves on to other tracks. It also makes it possible to spawn trains on these tracks which come from behind. The movement order itsself can only be given in the timetable database. A user cannot choose this movement order in the specific window.

So never send a train to those tracks and stable it by sending the engineer to the canteen. Then you will block these tracks.

Beside track 402 you find this option for tracks 80, 178, 217, 259, 260, 264, 270 and 438.

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Hi Helmut,

Thanks for your reply.

The problem I had with those two locomotives was that they did not disappear from track 402 so I had to stable them elsewhere to get other trains onto 402, which did disappear after a few minutes. I'm going to have another try with RabtV290#4 and see what happens.

Update - Success! RabtV290#4 and V200#1 both stabled and disappeared from the staffed trains list. They still show up when Unstaffed Trains are selected but hopefully will not now block any other trains from getting onto track 402. I don't know why they wouldn't stable before, must have just been gremlins at work.

Thanks again Helmut.

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