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Unable to contact license server


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Dear SignalSoft team, I'm the happy owner of a Zentrallstellwerke Köln license. However, once installed on my new laptop, it keeps saying that it is Unable to contact license server.

I see that http://licensing.signalsimulation.com/verify.php? is called with name, email, key and id arguments. If I run that in Chrome, I get <License><Permission value="Allow" /></License>, so I suppose my license is OK.

Do you know whether KK needs specific ports to be opened? Or maybe some firewall permissions?

Thanks a lot,



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Hi Yannick,


I'm not member of Signalsoft but I have installed Köln Hbf as well. There is nothing special to do for starting KK. This notice pops up if the server has a malfunction or a software blocks the connection.

Sometimes it happens that you have to try it a second time after a short while. Recently, I have changed my anti-virus software to Norton. Since then I get a short notice when starting a signalsoft programme the first time. But I can go on. Before I had installed Kaspersky. There was no message when starting.


So, I suppose your anti-virus software is blocking the connection. Perhaps you disable it for a while to start the program.

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