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Wrong line working Götzenhof Fulda


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In the timetable there are some trains that are supposed to be dispatched via wrong line between Götzenhof and Fulda on track 730.

And it´s no problem to send them through the wrong line track, but i can´t change back the direction arrows.

The arrows are still red and when i try the opposit arrow start to flash white.

It indicates the track is still occupied even when the train has arrived at Fulda station.

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Hi Steffe80,


this is a former bug that popped up anew in the latest version of Fulda.


In the German forum is given a workaround: Set a second train route from Götzenhof to Fulda on the wrong line. (Maybe the signal doesn't turn to green.) Then release the route again. After this process it should be possible to change back the direction.

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